Multi-sponsor Surveys International‘s syndicated studies provide subscribers with the most cost- effective and quality-equivalent alternative to proprietary market research available. Subscription prior to fieldwork allows you the opportunity to help tailor the study to meet your marketing needs, while letting our experienced global team design the questionnaire, oversee interviewing and provide the analysis and reporting.
Subscription prior to fieldwork assures:
  • Collection of data matched to your research objectives
  • In countries of your choice
  • Near turn-key data and analysis delivery
  • Access to customized report delivery options
  • Pricing that maximizes your budget
Key service benefits we provide:
  • Extensive subject knowledge
  • Global research expertise
  • Cross-country comparisons
  • Market tracking via trend updates
  • Commitment to highest quality standards
  • Clear and concise reporting and analysis

Global Methods:
We recognize the unique cultural characteristics of each country and design research in collaboration with our global network of research professionals to optimize outcomes and budgets through a choice of:
  • Online surveys
  • Face-to-face surveys
  • Phone surveys


Localization & Translation:
Prior to fieldwork, all questionnaires undergo localization by in-country market research partners to ensure appropriate survey language and response categories.   Translations are performed by experienced, native-speaking translators and undergo a thorough quality assurance procedure.   Careful attention to these processes is paramount for a successful international project that is both culturally sensitive and comparable to the other countries included in the project.


Creativity Yields Consumer Insights
We design global research projects that dig deep to uncover the consumer attitudes and motivations driving purchase decisions and to identify ‘best prospects.’
Insights multiply as additional countries are included in research projects and cross-country comparisons highlight differences in consumer attitudes and receptivity to new products and services.
Our process begins with creativity in questionnaire design and an appreciation for cultural differences.  It culminates with a report delivery that provides a clear picture of the global market for your product.