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Asian Women Commited to Facial Care

Facial skin care is a top priority for Asian women and their facial care regimen typically includes a large number of different products.   However, there are important differences in the skin care benefits sought by women in China, S. Korea and Japan.

Key distinctions observed in the 2014 International Study of Asian Women’s Facial Skin Care conducted by Multi-sponsor Surveys International LLC include the following:

  •  Korean women use the largest number of different facial care products and are more likely to seek out products that nourish the skin with nutrients or protect skin from sun/environmental factors.
  • Product safety and natural ingredients are more important to Chinese women selecting facial care products than Japanese or Korean women.
  • While Korean and Chinese women most often purchase facial care products in specialty stores, Japanese women (who tend to be more cost-conscious) are most likely to buy their facial products in drug stores or online.
  • International/Western brands are most appealing to Chinese women and this is reflected in their brand usage.  By comparison, the leading brands used by Japanese and Korean women are predominantly domestic.

The 2014 International Study of Asian Women’s Facial Skin Care was conducted online in February/March 2014 among national samples of women age 18-60 in China (n=609), South Korea (n=631) and Japan (n=616).


Eye Care Opportunities in China

Eye health in China lags behind Japan and the West in both diagnosis and care. In China, eye exams are less frequent and fewer use corrective eye-wear. Dry eyes and eye strain are more common in China than the West, although over-the-counter eye drops are not in widespread use for treatment.  All this is evidence of a large Chinese market for vision care products.

Source:  The International Study of Eye Health & Vision Care