Children’s Insect Repellent

2015 Global Study of the Children’s Insect Repellent Market

The risks of exposure to insects vary around the globe, as does reliance on insect repellents to protect children.   Roughly half of all mothers in the U.S. and Brazil with children under age 12 report use of insect repellent on their young children.   By comparison, only 14% of mothers in India report use by their children under age 12.


Subscribe now to our upcoming Global Study of the Children’s Insect Repellent Market and qualify for discounted pre-field pricing and an opportunity to review the questionnaire prior to interviewing.   This new study launches in July to explore market penetration, preferences and potential among mothers with children ages 2 – 12, building on trended research conducted in the U.S. by Multi-sponsor Surveys, Inc.  Subscribers are offered a selection of countries and the final report will feature comparisons of mothers’ attitudes and behavior across subscribers’ choice of countries.


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