Children’s Weight Management

2015 Global Study of Children’s Weight Management

Obesity rates have climbed across the globe to the extent that majorities of adults in the U.S. and Western Europe now consider low/no-calorie sweeteners acceptable for 7-12 year old children in moderate or small quantities.  Western Europe lags somewhat behind the U.S. where 75% of adults consider low/no-calorie sweeteners acceptable in limited quantities for children age 7-11 and 61% consider them acceptable for children under 7 years old.   France is the country least accepting of use by the youngest children.


To learn more about this evolving market, subscribe to The 2015 Global Study of Children’s Weight Management.   Interviews launch in August among mothers of children ages 2 to 12 in order to  examine their attitudes towards weight management and the steps they are taking (if any) to help their children maintain a healthy weight. The study is designed to permit comparisons of mothers’ weight management concerns and goals across subscribers’ choice of countries. Discounted pricing available for companies subscribing prior to fieldwork.

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